Public Relations

Client No. 1: Seurat Technologies

Seurat Technologies is a Massachusetts-based 3D metal printer. I developed an outreach strategy, pitch and press release to announce their new round of funding.



Client No. 2: Durham County Cooperative Extension

Communication Audit

  • This audit summarizes the Durham County Cooperative Extension’s programs. It analyzes the nonprofit’s current media presence and suggests possibilities for improvement. It also highlights general strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for the organization.


Fact Sheet (Below)

  • The fact sheet was a simple way to share the most important details about the Durham County Co-Op with the public. Keeping the writing concise, yet informative was challenging. Nonetheless, I believe this fact sheet will help potential beneficiaries and donors quickly understand what the Extension stands for and what it accomplishes.




Brochure (Additional Material)

  • I decided to make a brochure as the additional material for the Durham County Cooperative Extension. I wanted to go into more specific detail on each program, but I wanted the brochure to be concise and not complex or overly detailed. I feel that I struck a good balance with the amount of information in the brochure. Additionally, I wanted every material I created to be consistent with the next and feel like a cohesive body of media. We decided to use the color scheme in the Durham County Cooperative Extension’s logo to make the materials look bright and inviting.


Flyer (additional material)

  • The organization’s close connection with the Spanish language attracted me early on. The bilingual nature of the project helped me see an opportunity to combine my passions for public relations and Spanish language in my career.


APPLES Profile

  • I conducted a Q+A with Carolyn Krueger, the Kids Voting Durham program coordinator. In my meetings at the Durham County Co-Op, I’d heard that Kids Voting Durham was one of its most successful programs. I spoke with Krueger to find out more about her job and how Kids Voting Durham has developed local youth into informed citizens.


Final Reflection

  • This reflection shows my final thoughts on my experience at the Durham County Cooperative Extension. I found the semester to be a beneficial experience for my future career, and I greatly enjoyed meeting everyone involved with the organization. I hope to collaborate with the Durham County Cooperative Organization on future projects, and I appreciate their kindness and support throughout the semester!


Time Log

  • Above is my completed time log.