Writing Samples



Mi trabajo en Español 

(My work in Spanish)


I have taken Spanish every year since I was in eighth grade, and I knew that I wanted it to be my major starting in high school. Learning to speak such a beautiful language tied to cultural richness and diversity has been a wonderful experience. This is an excerpt from an essay that I wrote about Rosario Castellanos, a feminist author from Mexico whose works reflected years of hardship. 


“Castellanos tuvo que experimentar sufrimiento en muchos épocas diferentes y en aspectos diferentes de su vida. Estos obstáculos incluyeron la muerte de su hermano menor a causa de apendicitis cuando tenía siete años, el fallecimiento de ambos padres cuando tenía veintitrés años, y el sexismo que siempre fue un problema en su vida doméstica y el lugar de trabajo (Rosario). La literatura de Castellanos enfatiza las dificultades de tener una voz marginada en la sociedad, como las de mujeres e indígenas, porque ella usa sus propias experiencias para crear obras impactantes y vinculables.”


My Podcast


I partnered with my boyfriend to make a podcast for an English class. I am a self-proclaimed comedy movie connoisseur, so I made a commentary about the political incorrectness of the 2005 movie Borat starring Sacha Baron Cohen. I wrote out a script, but we strayed from it quite a bit and rolled with the punches as the conversation flowed. I had a ton of fun creating this podcast and trying a new medium! 



My Writing


I decided to include an excerpt of an essay that I wrote for my Southern Politics class because becoming a college student has increased my knowledge and awareness of political events. I wrote this essay about Louisiana’s 2017 prison reform, which sought to dethrone its position as the most highly incarcerated state in America – and has done so in just two years. 


“The state must remain committed to prioritizing reemergence into society and setting inmates up for future success as opposed to punishment and seeking maximum imprisonment times. This trend of reducing sentences and striving to keep nonviolent criminals away from prison has been carried out and accomplished by other Southern states, such as Texas and Mississippi. This objective becomes especially important considering that federal government officials, such as ex-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, continue to push a tough-on-crime agenda that has been proven to exhaust taxpayer money and keep jails overcrowded. These strict policies tend to feed into the long-running ‘war on drugs,’ which has ultimately kept nonviolent criminals and those guilty of simple drug possession behind bars and has proven to be ineffective.”