I just did my makeup for the first time in a month

Here’s how it turned out:

I chose some orange eyeshadow from (my holy grail) Urban Decay’s Naked Heat palette.

Lately, I’ve been craving a sense of normalcy. I’m sure you all also have to some degree. It’s easy to feel like life is anything but ordinary in today’s time. Or maybe it’s too mundane, with the most riveting part of our days being daily walks and occasional mask-bearing trips to the grocery store. With that being said, I’m committed to making this indefinite time period where the world has effectively stopped feel as close to the status quo as possible. I sat down earlier today, contemplating the best social distancing activity that doesn’t include Ol’ Reliable Netflix or my new best friend Hulu.

Then, it occurred to me. I should do something I used to do before some mornings at work, seldom a day of class, and every night out without fail: my makeup. 

Even though I don’t have any reason to doll myself up, why not? What’s stopping me? I’ve always enjoyed wearing makeup for many reasons (none of which involve impressing or deceiving men, might I add).

For one, the 20-or-so minutes I take to apply my makeup are therapeutic. It’s relaxing to sit down without distractions and sift through your cosmetic supply. I typically go about it without much rhyme or reason; whichever products I feel like applying at that moment are fine by me. Makeup is also a nice way to give yourself some creative license in an impermanent and malleable manner. You can explore and try new things, but you can always take it off if you’re not a fan. It allows room for exploration, but it’s not as high-stakes or long-lasting as other forms of expression like tattoos and new haircuts. Unless, of course, you’re into permanent makeup (we’re sticking with the stuff that wipes off with makeup wipes and micellar water for this blog, though).

A lot of people tell me they just aren’t good at doing their makeup. I believe that statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Makeup application is a learned skill upon which anybody can improve with practice. Nobody is born with perfect makeup application skills. I remember my middle school days where I first discovered makeup. I fiendishly applied two to three different types of mascara each day, coating each one onto my poor lashes multiple times. My family sometimes referred to me as Tammy Faye Bakker (looking back, I can’t blame them). As I got older, I refined my skills and decided that less is more for my personal style. However, there are definitely nights where I want to apply a full glam look and try new techniques. If you think that you can’t apply makeup, all you need is more practice! It’s easy to seek out help even though makeup counters are currently closed. The internet is chock full of free tutorials on YouTube, and the artists break it down step-by-step. If you can allow yourself time to practice and nail down some simple looks, you’ll emerge from quarantine looking flawless.

Makeup and music go hand-in-hand for me. I always play music as I’m applying my makeup. Plus, music still has my back during the trying times that have become my reality (shoutout to Apple Music). If you know me well, you know that I have a soft spot for 2000s-era hip hop and pop throwbacks.  I’ve felt inexplicably nostalgic about the music of my late childhood for years. It makes me feel happy and carefree in a way that many other genres can’t replicate. Similarly, makeup makes me feel fun-spirited and creative. Both allow me to let go of my stressors and stay present in the current moment. I’m grateful for both because they add color and character to my life.

Today, I implore you to do one thing that makes you happy, even if it’s for no reason at all. You don’t need to justify to yourself why you aren’t cleaning your room, cooking an elaborate dinner or learning a new language during this quarantine. Relax for a minute and just be.

I’m signing out on this blog post by sharing the songs I listened to while I did my makeup today:

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