I just made some super cheesy poetry

Hi everybody!


I’m back at it again, procrastinating an assignment. Riveting.


This time, it’s a sociology Op-Ed. Yes, I go to UNC-Chapel Hill and am in a sociology class. The hypnotist who brainwashed me into attending a liberal school told me to do it. I don’t shy away from sharing my opinion on most things, so I’m not sure why I keep putting this off.


Anyways, I decided I would try my hand at writing poetry.


A lot of people can’t stand it, and I get it. It’s super frou-frou most of the time, and the rhyming is rather obnoxious and juvenile. Unless, of course, you’re Dr. Seuss. He gets a pass there. Also, why is poetry always about nature?!


To get started, I looked out my window at (a parking lot and) some beautiful fall scenery.


I thought the phrase ‘bumble on by’ sounded catchy and poetic, so that’s where I started.


I wrote this a few minutes ago on my Notes app while craning my neck to the right.


The moral of the story? It’s okay to not be the best at everything. It’s okay to put out things you may find only mediocre or middle-of-the-pack. You don’t need to show the world only your highlight reel of biggest achievements and milestones.


Step out of your comfort zone today! Try something new. It’s okay if it’s not amazing. Rome wasn’t built in a day, my friend.


Without further ado, here’s some extra frou-frou, cringy poetry for you to enjoy. Or just shrug your shoulders at. Or think is really weird. That’s okay too!


Oh, and it’s also about nature.


I didn’t give it a name, but I’ll happily take suggestions.

The leaves bumble on by

They know no home,

Abandoning their brothers and sisters of the mother tree,

Embarking on an epic journey

of their own

to feel new air

and taste new dew drops.


Life has a new meaning.

Little orphans, all of them.

The rainfall pierces their cuticles

And breathes into them rejuvenation.




Maybe one day they’ll come back home.

Meet their marigold nieces and garnet nephews.

Until that blissful autumn day,

The leaves bumble on by.



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