Let’s Get This Party Started

Let’s Get This Party Started


My name is Kristen Danielle Jones, and one thing that I love to embrace is a good challenge. As a student in Gary Kayye’s Branding of Me class, I’m being tasked with a semester-long one. I will be creating two blog posts per week, and they can be about anything I please.


Although I love writing, this is a daunting endeavor. Many of my classmates have clear-cut interests and themes for their blog, and their voice and identity exude through their writing. I’m creative-minded, but my interests don’t lie in one designated place.  I could talk for hours about music, 2000s pop culture or reality TV – in no particular order. I also love ranting about pretty much anything, and I take to debate like a moth to a flame. With all this in mind, I’m still trying to figure out my niche.


While I decide how to hone my passions for these blog posts, allow me to reminisce on my childhood. For many people, this time establishes the foundation of their personality and central identity.  There’s a chance these moments could frame this semester of unfiltered, unapologetic writing.


  1. I’ve always considered myself to be somewhat of a black sheep. While my siblings are athletically gifted, I’ve been musically minded since childhood. I attribute that to my regular attendance in Kindermusik – props to my mom for enrolling me as a little girl 🙂
  2. I always kept a diary, and I was entertained to say the least when looking back at one recently. Seven-year-old me lamented the “vichious” ants at my picnic table one summer day. For this reason, I came to UNC wanting to be an English or reporting major. One writing and reporting course convinced me otherwise. I changed to the advertising and public relations track and have never looked back.
  3. Being my older brother’s copycat cemented a lot of my interests as a kid – Guitar Hero III, T-Pain, etc.
  4. I was a huge spelling bee nerd in elementary and middle school. I still remember traveling to my rival school for a tournament in seventh grade only to be eliminated for misspelling the word dearth as “dirth.” The word that came next? Manicure. It stills haunts me to this day.
  5. I’ve tried many sports (softball, basketball, soccer, swimming) – and have failed catastrophically in each one. I was definitely only there for the post-game Caprisuns and Goldfish. For proof, check out my roster pic for the Vestavia Hills Nuggets. You can see the unbridled excitement on my face.

Although I’m still not sure where this blog will take me, I’m excited to be sharing my thoughts, rants and embarrassing childhood pictures with you along the way.

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